About Drug Addicts Anonymous

About DAA

Drug Addicts Anonymous is a society of men and women who have recovered from drug addiction by following the Twelve Steps. This tried and tested program of action is detailed in the book Alcoholics Anonymous, also known as the ‘Big Book’. We use the AA Big Book as our own manual for recovery; though written by and for alcoholics, we find it just as effective for drug addicts like ourselves.

Our primary purpose is to help others recover from drug addiction, an illness that claims the lives of many and condemns still more to live in perpetual misery. Before coming to DAA, many of us sought other kinds of help, but nothing seemed to work for us in the long run. We began to suspect we were hopeless cases. So it came as a relief to learn that if we are willing to take action and follow the example of those who have gone before us, the solution offered in DAA is guaranteed to bring about a profound change in thought, attitude and behavior. To recover successfully, a transformation of this kind is vital.

DAA is open to anyone who has a desire to stop using any mind-altering substance. There are no membership fees or dues – indeed, no obligations whatsoever.

Do I need DAA?

DAA is for people who can’t regulate their drug use, or who can’t stop using, or who, when they get clean, can’t stay clean. We lack control over when or how much we use. Try as we might, we can’t use drugs like other people – people we see ‘getting away with it’ and having fun. It may well be that we too used to ‘get away with it’, and had fun while it lasted, but not anymore. When it comes to drugs, we have lost the power of choice.